P20 formwork beams

The myWood P20 Beam is characterized by its high load capacity. It is produced strictly according to European norm EN13377. 

Only selected sawn timber with small annual rings –mainly from the nearby Tatra mountains- is used for the production of our P20 beams. The production is conducted on a state-of-the art production-plant that is constantly controlled (internally and externally) for its quality. By this we can assure that our P20 beam can always bear the required heavy loads on the construction site. 

In contrast to other manufacturers, myWood offers beams with 27mm 3-ply-panels (Standard) as well as 31mm 3-ply panels (Premium). Our beams exceeds the required minimum values for transverse strength and bending moment by far. Leading European construction companies and wood dealers rely on our beam as it is considered to be the best beam in the market.

All beams are marked with the Ü-sign (standing for the external qualiy control) as well as length and date of production. Beams with customer logo can be produced upon request.

Available length (in cm): 180, 245, 265, 290, 330, 360, 450, 490, 590 (special length available on request)


P20 formwork beams

Certificate of Compliance EN13377