The roots of the factory in Polomka go back to the 1980s when the communist ruled slovak government decided to build up a factory for large scale 3-layer boards for the furmiture industry. A huge industrial area in the beautiful area of the lower Tatra Mountains with over 30ha of ground was chosen. The factory called "DREVO KOMBINAT POLOMKA" was barely finished when the communist system broke down in the end of the 1980s.

The company then was purchased by several former managers and shortly after sold to an american investment fond. The USA took over many companies in key-industries after the communist break down. By this the US could promote free-market-policy and democracy in an unstable period of time in the slovak republic.

In 2004, Helmut Rettenmeier managed to buy all the shares from the US-fond and to integrate Polomka into the Rettenmeier sawmill-group. In the beginning of the integration the production of the large scale 3-layer boards was continued although loosing money because of a unfavorable board scale. In 2006, an new production line for H20-Beams was installed increasing the on-site value addition. As the Rettenmeier group in 2006 was producing already shuttering panels in the second slovak plant "LIPTOVSKY HRADOK", the formwork product range was completed.

In 2012, the family of Helmut Rettenmeier decided to purchase the shares from the Rettenmeier-Holding group. The plant was renamed from "Rettenmeier Polomka Timber s.r.o." into "myWood Polomka Timber s.r.o.".